Maysa Automation Office

Maysa office automation software is a new product of Ada Software Company that can be installed and activated as the core of organizations and companies, in order to manage correspondence, users and the circulation of documents and forms between them. This software is designed with a very simple and professional appearance and for the organization and its subdivisions, the possibility of registering, circulating, archiving and managing all kinds of internal and external correspondence, organizational documents and forms and managing business processes without time limit and Provides a place with high speed and ease of use and in a safe environment. Maisa is one of the most complete and best office automation software in the country.

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What Is Maysa Automation Office?

Maysa administrative automation system is a new product of Ada Software Company. It is a web-based comprehensive software that is used as the main core of administrative systems. Its design is user-friendly, simple but professional. This software has various facilities. The organization and all its sub-sectors can use this software to register, circulate, archive and manage all sorts of internal and external organizational correspondence, documents and forms with high speed and no time and space limit in a safe environment.

Why We Should Buy Maysa Automation Office?

Maysa web-based automation creates the possibility of registering and circulating organizational letters and forms, careful tracking, communicating with virtual networks, reporting necessary practices and better management of the meetings; it accelerates internal organizational correspondences, and it provides the electronic interaction for external organizational communication as well.

Why We Should Buy Maysa Automation Office?

پشتیبانی محصولات آدا

Strong and flexible support

Our partners in the company support department are ready to fully answer the problems and issues of users by phone and ticket and will always be by your side.
تکنولوژی محصولات آدا

Use of updated technology

All Ada software is made of the latest tools and programming languages. Also, these softwares are very flexible against changes.
کیفیت محصولات آدا

Unparalleled quality and accuracy

The principles of design, quality and high speed of our software, make our customers satisfied and ease of use in working with software is always the top priority of production affairs.

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Advanced features of office automation software

Our production and design team; Recognizing the current needs of the audience, it has tried to implement these demands as accurately and completely as possible in the form of its software products. In the list below, everything that is used in office automation software is listed, if you do not find the possibility you want, just ask our experts to add them to the software.

See list of features with details

The Facilities of Maysa Administrative Automation

  • Separation of all branches all over the country
  • Ability to send a letter to its branch all over the country
  • Tracking the sent letters to different branches
  • Sending announcement messages for sent letters to different branches
  • Separation of received and sent cartable
  • Useful software for postal printing for letters
  • Separation of system management panel from users’ panel
  • Having organizational groups and positions in administrative automation
  • Ability to determine a substitute in given periods
  • Email and fax server
  • Ability to track external organizational letters with an announcement system
  • Ability to like the letters and showing the people who liked that letter
  • Ability to send SMS on the letters and references
  • Ability to connect to virtual networks (such as Telegram, Gap, and Tam Tam)
  • Professional form making and procedures management
  • Ability to save the history of all the edits which have been done on documents
  • Ability to make audio and visual references
  • Supporting English and Arabic languages
  • Ability to tag videos and enable tag-searching of the videos
  • Offline cartable
  • Work calendar and meeting management subsystems
  • Ability of Single Sign-on
  • Ability to define procedures and Business Process Management
  • Ability of online video conference for meetings
  • Point signature on name
  • Available as Android and IOS application

General Capabilities and Facilities of the System

  • Registration of all features of received and issued letters, such as type of the letter, its classification, its urgency, its subject, date of registration, letter number, indicator number, letter content, copies, and …
  • Defining and registering the corresponding parties of an organization such as people, companies, offices, and so on.
  • Ability to register letters and their attachments such as references and so on.
  • Ability to access follow-up or reference letters and reserve a number for the issued letter
  • Defining a tree organizational chart
  • Ability to attach any file (such as Word, PDF, Excel, and so on) to letters
  • Ability to adjust table columns for reporting the letters on the main page and print or send them to Excel
  • Quick search based on subject, external organization, internal organization, letter content, registration date, indicator number, central secretariat number or even its references, and so on.
  • Correction of the basic information which has been listed in the system such as types of letters (fax, …), letters’ classification (general, usual, confidential, …), letter urgency (usual, urgent, immediate), letter status (authentic, copy, replica, …), positions, secretariates and so on.

Scan and Archive Capability

  • Connecting to different types of scanners (single-page or batch)
  • Listing the physical location of letters, files, and archive folders
  • Copying one letter and archiving it in various folders
  • Performing letter archiving and document classification based on various classifications
  • Image scanning with JPG and Tiff format
  • Reading letters’ images in a group manner with the use of Feeder scanners
  • Editing images (rotation, zoom in, …)

Software Search Capability

  • Searching based on fields available inside the letter
  • Searching different folders
  • Searching a word or a like and reaching to intended goal in less than seconds
  • Searching based on the fields and contents of letters cumulatively or even single word
  • Advanced searching in the phone book of web-based administrative automation software

    Word Capabilities

    • Defining and saving various patterns and templates for letters in Word software
    • Grouping letters template for quick access and issuing licenses on templates for users
    • Dynamic reporting based on registration date, sender, receiver, copy, letter number, letter subject, the number of registered letters by each user, and so on.
    • Defining various formats and templates for issuing an indicator number for each secretariat
    • Sending all dynamic and statistical reports to Excel software
    • Different types of reports such as general, with diagrams or tables, and statistical
    • Reporting receiving, sending, internal, and … correspondence
    • Reporting from indicator notebook
    • The access level for letter templates for each user

      System Reference Capabilities

      • Letters’ reference using an organizational chart in a tree-based or list-based format
      • Audio and visual reference
      • Quick reference
      • Direct reference on letter images and confidential reference
      • Simultaneous reference of one letter to several units or persons
      • Displaying all references and copies on the main page with the ability to separate them
      • Group reference and quick reference using defined and assumed references
      • Group reference of letters to a person to several people
      • Providing a list from mostly used expressions of each manager in reference service to write orders quickly
      • Separation and tracking of all referred letters
      • Deleting the reference before the letter being read in the audience cartable
      • Adding deadline on letters and tracking the letters whose deadlines are near
      • Adding an attachment to references

      System Management

      • Defining one or more centralized or decentralized secretariat
      • Defining a precode for each secretariat for numbering letters
      • Registering letter in different years
      • Simultaneous usage of several users
      • Defining different users and their access levels
      • Tracking changes on registered information, registerer characteristics, date and time of the registration
      • Software online chat
      • SQL Server DataBase
      • Periodical and automatic backup

        Cartable Facilities

        • Defining distinct cartable for managers, experts, and employees
        • Creating a personal folder in cartable
        • Displaying secretariat folders in cartable
        • Quick and group reference in cartable
        • Defining pre-prepared paraphs for speedier reference
        • Signing reference letters
        • Displaying letters’ deadlines
        • Tracking referred letters
        • Special announcement for referred letters to cartable
        • Audio and visual reference for managers
        • Observing read and signed letters in the cartable
        • Listing descriptions and editing archive folder and letters
        • Registering internal letters and drafts by listing the content of the letter and attaching image or text and referring it to cartable users
        • Separating read and unread letters in cartable

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              Tehran Province

              The most important capabilities of office automation software

              Office automation software is a part of office-application software that automates tasks and eliminates many human interferences in the processes of an organization. OFFICE INFORMATION SYSTEM (OIS) provides tools for communication and coordination between employees of the organization by creating effective management of documents and messages and electronic meetings. With the evolution that takes place through the installation of office automation software on the exchange of information of an organization / company, decisions and procedures are made much more useful and will bring more profit to managers of organizations.

              Technologies That We Used


              Microsoft SQL Server

              Programming Language

              ASP.NET Core 3.1


              StimulSoft Report

              Front End Languages

              HTML5 + CSS3 + Native JS

              Other Modules

              Bootstrap – Entity Framework – FormBuilder And Workflow