Vision statement :

The vision of Ada software company is to help organizations find better ways to do great things through technology and supply products and services that improve the processes and business results of our customers by creating competitive advantage and creating sustainable value.

mission statement:

Providing software solutions and mechanizing work processes in order to grow businesses

Providing business intelligence solutions and business intelligence

Our customers are all business owners.

Our products are office automation software, archive software, secretarial software, crm software and restaurant management software. The company’s strategy is of an aggressive type and it deals with market and product expansion with strength.

Company values :

The main focus is on the customer and our relationship with the customer

Accountability and responsibility

Empowering employees for decision-making, self-management and the ability to negotiate effectively

Continuous improvement in training and knowledge management group programs

Learning from the customer and changing ourselves

Valuing credibility and maintaining it

Intimate and friendly, at the same time disciplined and serious

Adherence to social duties