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Secretariate Software , one of the most used software for organizations and companies in administrative affairs related to Filing and classification of documents and administrative information is used. Due to the large amount of information, naturally, without the secretariat software, it is not possible to handle the large amount of data with traditional methods. Classification did and need to Secretariat automation It is felt more than ever for administrative affairs within organizations.

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Secretariate Documents Software
Product Name : Ada Secretariate Software
Secretariate Software

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Secretariate Software What Is?

The secretariat software of Ada software company is one of the most complete and up-to-date secretariat software in the country, and the after-sales service of this company makes you feel at ease about a safe and risk-free purchase. In this system, the registration and circulation of all the organization’s correspondence is done electronically without the need to physically move the letter, the original image of the letter or any other document is electronically archived in this system.

Secretariat software is one of the main needs of organizations and companies to manage and classify their letters and documents

Reason for purchase Secretariate Software

The secretariat software of Ada software company is one of the most complete and up-to-date secretariat software in the country, and the after-sales service of this company makes you feel at ease about a safe and risk-free purchase. In this system, the registration and circulation of all the organization’s correspondence is done electronically without the need to physically move the letter, the original image of the letter or any other document is archived electronically in this system. You can Information and reasons for purchasing archive software through the link Learn everything you need to know about secretarial software

Why choose Ada secretariat software?

Ada product support

Strong and flexible support

Our colleagues in the support department are ready to comprehensively address clients’ problems and situations over the phone and by tickets, and are always by your side.

Ada Products Technology

Use of updated technology

All of Ada Co.’s software uses the most up-to-date tools and programming languages. This software is also very flexible and adaptive in the face of changes.

Quality of Ada products

Unparalleled quality and accuracy

The principles of design, quality and high speed of our software, make our customers satisfied and ease of use in working with software is always the top priority of production affairs.

Videos And Pictures Of Secretariate Software

Advanced features of the secretariat software

Our production and design team; Recognizing the current needs of the audience, it has tried to implement these demands as accurately and completely as possible in the form of its software products.

In the list below, everything that is used in the software of the secretariat is given. If you do not find the option you want, just ask our experts to add it to the software.

See list of features with details

Registration of all kinds of letters, documents, documents and forms – the main work of the secretariat software

  • Registration of all specifications of incoming, outgoing, internal letters, drafts, documents, including letter type, letter classification, references, etc.
  • Register a letter in all defined years
  • Registration in all defined secretariats
  • Organizational chart in the form of a tree with coding
  • Defining and recording correspondence and information of organizations, individuals, companies, etc.
  • Defining addresses and phone numbers of customers in the phone book of the secretariat software

Referral capabilities

    • Referral letter using organizational chart in tree and list form

    • Ability to print a list of references on a letter

    • The possibility of direct reference on letter images

    • Simultaneous referral of a letter to several units or individuals

    • Display of all referrals and copies in the main page with the ability to seperate them

    Advanced Search – The main part of Secretariate Software

    • Search by fields in letters in combinations

    • Search in different zones

    • Search for a word and get the results quickly in less than a few seconds (for the first time in Iran)

    • Search by all fields and subjects of the letters in combination or even single words (for the first time in Iran)

    • Advanced search in the phone book of the Secretariat software‌‌

    Reporting features

    • Ability to prepare various reports in general, graph, statistics, tables

    • Ability to export all active and statistical reports to Word and Excel software

    • Report from the indicator office and report from incoming, issued, internal and …

    • Possibility of dynamic reporting based on the date of registration, sender, recipient, copy, letter number, …

    • Ability to prepare reports of actions and referrals and prepare reports of scanned and non-scanned letters

    • Ability to print referral lists on a letter, and report on various projects

    • Ability to provide management reports and reports of users’ daily tasks

      Document scanning and archiving – the most used module in the secretariat software

      • Ability to connect to a variety of single-sheet and batch scanners
      • Ability to edit scanned images and insert text on images using an editor and stylus
      • Ability to scan images in tiff and jpg formats and save them on a personal computer
      • Ability to read group images
      • Ability to make different binders using the trees and list methods
      • Creation of different binders with tree charts and lists
      • Zonken access for each user
      • Quick and conceptual search of binders and binder letters (for the first time in Iran)
      • Ability to group documents in one or more binders
      • Ability to return the document from binder
      • Ability to categorize files by file subject
      • Ability to define several different archives for separate parts of the organization
      • Access levels for binders to users

        Special capabilities for system administrators and users

        • Define one or more centralized and decentralized secretariats

        • Define a pre-code for the secretariat to number the letters issued by each secretariat

        • Possibility of registration in different years

        • Ability to use multiple users simultaneously

        • Ability to define users and define access levels

        • Track changes applied to registered information, registrant details, date and time of registration

        • Under LAN and Windows 2003,2008,2012,… server

        • Database SQL Server 2008,2012,2014

        • Online Chat

          Features attached

            • Attach all files including excel, rar, zip, word, pdf, powerpoint, autocad, etc.
            • Attach images as a direct scan or upload from personal systems

          Word Features

            • Letter typing using Word 2010, 2013, 2016 editor
            • Ability define and store different patterns and templates for document texts in Word
            • Template and text saving from Word files in system data bank
            • Ability to group templates for easy access
            • The possibility of defining different patterns and formats to set the indicator number for each secretariat
            • Ability to define access levels to document templates for each user

            Fax server facilities

              • Receive faxes directly on the software system
              • Ability to send fax directly by any user

            Access Control

                • The possibility of defining one or more centralized and decentralized secretariats and giving access to each for users

                • The possibility of defining users and determining the level of access to secretaries

            Alerting features – to be aware of the events of the secretariat software

                • Ability to set document validity date along with alerts for documents that have passed their validity dates
                • Ability to alert users of referred documents

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                Secretariate Software Features

                The golden secretariat software is one of the most complete and up-to-date mailroom systems which Ada Co. is offering you. The after sales services considered for this version give you peace of mind while purchasing this system. In this system, registration and circulation of all company correspondance is done electronically and without the need of physicall letter displacement. Original letter images and/or any kind of other documents are electronically archived in this system.

                Secretariate Software Customers

                NAJA Public Service System Organization
                Tehran Governorate
                University of Applied Science

                Secretariate Software FAQ

                Is it possible to upgrade to higher packages?

                Yes. It is possible to easily upgrade package and change features in all versions of Ada Office Automation Software. It takes the least possible amount of time to do so.

                Is it possible to convert a version from Windows to a web version?

                Yes, this can be done at the request of users and system information will be converted in the shortest time and will be transferred to the web version.

                Ada office systems are available in one user and multi users versions and it is possible to add a user after consulting with the backup support system.

                Ada Software Company’s office systems are offered as single-user and multi-user, and the ability to add a user to the system can be done with coordination coordination.

                Do I need to install software on client systems?

                No, even long topics can be written and edited in a professional editor outside of Word

                Can emails and faxes be checked in the software?

                Yes, this is possible indefinitely in our systems and this will be done most quickly through SMTP and IMAP protocols.

                Will there be a problem with the software when the support period expires?

                No, this is not in our software and if you need to extend the support, you can contact our support experts.