Collage restaurant software

Collage restaurant software, the best and most complete choice for management and accounting Restaurant, coffee shop, fast food, catering, food preparation, cafes and other related collections This management and accounting software, in addition to completely solving the main needs of a restaurant software, can be used with many important and practical hardware such as Caller ID, SMS modem, Pozban, Android phones and tablets, card readers and food court stands; It is coordinated and makes you unnecessary of any other software or collection.

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Product Name : Collage restaurant software
Collage software

Collage restaurant software What Is?

collage restaurant software, It is a restaurant accounting software with complete and comprehensive capabilities and for the complete management of a restaurant complex, coffee shop, food court, etc. In the collage restaurant software, it is possible to define all the current affairs in the system and it is fully automated. The activities of restaurants all over the country are fully consistent. Our restaurant management software is operating in many important centers of the country and is compatible with all the usual hardware (such as Caller ID, SMS modem, Pozban and tablet pose) is synchronized

Reason for purchase Collage restaurant software

In general, the basic needs of a restaurantcomplex , coffee shop, cooking, grilling, food court or catering can be mentioned to have a good and strong restaurant accounting system. Collage restaurant software can be among the main choices of the owners of these businesses that meet their main needs in the form of three Cover different packages with wide and changeable features. Also at the beginning Setting up food courts, this software can be connected to static stands or cash register touch monitors, and for this reason, software problems will no longer be a problem.

What hardware do we need in addition to restaurant accounting software?

caller id 2 line

Caller ID 2 lines

This device is very useful and necessary for those who order food by phone.

Tablet POS device

3-function pose tablet

This device is used as the main order taker for waiters.

GSM Modem

SMS modem

This device can be useful for customer club operation and customer notification.

Receipt printer

Remo receipt printer

The use of this device in printing invoices and some management reports is also common in the kitchen.

ویدیو ها و تصاویر نرم افزار رستوران :.: کُلاژ :.:

Advanced features of collage coffee shop and restaurant software

Our production and design team; Recognizing the current needs of the audience, it has tried to implement these demands as accurately and completely as possible in the form of its software products.

In the list below, everything that is used in restaurant accounting software is given. If you don’t find the option you want, just ask our experts to add it to the software.

See list of features with details

ثبت سریع سفارشات و صدور فاکتور – پر استفاده ترین بخش نرم افزار رستوران

  • قابلیت ثبت اتوماتیک سفارش هنگام داشتن مشتری تلفنی که از پر استفاده ترین ماژول های سیستم های نرم افزار حسابداری رستوران می باشد.
  • ثبت سفارشات پیشرفته
  • قابلیت ثبت سفارشات به همراه تصویر اقلام سفارش و سیستم کدینگ سفارش برای بالا بردن سرعت در ثبت سفارشات
  • قابلیت ثبت سفارشات انبوه
  • قابلیت ثبت سفارش برای مهمان ها و پرسنل
  • قابلیت ثبت سفارش به صورت اعتباری (نسیه)
  • مدیریت جامع فاکتورهای خرید
  • پرداخت نسیه ها همراه با پرینت برای افراد و اعلام باقیمانده بدهکاری مشتریان به کافه

Defining the customer club and applying various discounts – turning the restaurant software into a customer manager

      • Ability to send automatic SMS to the customer such as welcome SMS, birthday greeting SMS, list of orders, registration and finalization of the customer’s order
      • The ability to send the customer’s order list via SMS automatically – popular module of collage restaurant software
      • The ability to define offers and discounts and send discount codes and inform customers via SMS
      • Special customer club memberships (silver, gold, one star, two star, …) – This panel turns the restaurant accounting software into a powerful customer club module.
      • SMS panel and manual SMS sending

Functional features of collection management – a good restaurant software is the main assistant of its users

  • Easy and simple use with collage software, which can double the pleasure of using restaurant software or coffee shop software.
  • Ability to manage profit and loss online
  • Ability to note and remind when starting the program
  • Ability to send courier
  • Control the inventory of food in the kitchen at any time
  • The ability to connect multiple computers to register customer orders at the same time
  • Ability to reserve a table

Warehouse management, production formula and purchase invoice – the need to define the warehouse in the restaurant software

  • Ability to define unlimited warehouse
  • Control the inventory of food in the kitchen at any time
  • Comprehensive management of purchase invoices for those who want to use restaurant software to record stock and charge it.
  • The ability to define the production formula for the goods in the warehouse

  • Ability to record payments on purchase invoices in cash, card, check
  • Ability to define unlimited food groupings
  • The ability to transfer goods between warehouses
  • Management of waste products
  • Warehouse charging and sales list

Accounting and financial management of the complex, become the accountant of the restaurant complex yourself

  • The financial report of sales and purchase invoices is one of the most important parts of a coffee shop or restaurant management software.

  • Comprehensive management of purchase invoices

  • Ability to pay employees (rewards, deductions, allowances, salaries) with reports

  • The ability to control the accounts of individuals, including suppliers and customers

  • The ability to manage the current costs of the collection

  • Auditing funds by cash and card

  • Ability to define unlimited funds

  • Check management with alert system for checks

The best and most complete restaurant accounting software in the country with the ability to install all kinds of hardware

  • Ability to connect caller ID (caller’s phone number announcement display)
  • The ability to install unlimited printers for the kitchen and delivery system to simultaneously print receipts and order food and drinks.
  • Android application for registering orders and managing reports
  • Pose tablet device (combination of three tablet devices, cash printer, card reader)
  • The ability to simultaneously connect to three POS devices (card readers)
  • Ability to connect to wireless printers
  • The ability to install a monitor in the kitchen, which is one of the common features of most restaurant accounting software systems
  • Ability to connect to all types of receipt printers
  • Ability to send SMS with GSM modem

گزارشگیری پیشرفته و لحظه ای – اصلی ترین نیاز نرم افزار رستوران و کافی شاپ

  • قابلیت گزارش گیری از بیشترین غذای فروخته شده – این ماژول نیز جزو موارد پر کاربرد نرم افزار رستورانی کلاژ می باشد.
  • گزارش جامع از پیامک های ارسال شده
  • گزارش از باشگاه مشتریان و تخفیفات اعمال شده
  • گزارش از نسیه ها
  • گزارش از چک ها
  • گزارش از میز های رزرو شده
  • گزارش از غذا ها و مواد اولیه آنها
  • گزارش از مشتریان با جمع آنها
  • گزارش از معین ها و کالا ها
  • گزارش از انتقال وجه بین صندوقها
  • گزارش کلی از سفارشات
  • گزارش دریافت وجه از صندوق ها و حسابهای بانکی با جزییات و جمع
  • گزارش از واریز به صندوق ها و حسابهای بانکی
  • گزارش از خرید های انجام شده
  • گزارش از صندوق ها بصورت کامل با جزییات و جمع نقدی و کارتی
  • گزارش از تماس های بی پاسخ Missed call
  • گزارشات کامل مربوط به مسائل کنترل فعالیتهای فروش، اعم از (فاکتور های حذف شده، ویرایش شده، تخفیف خورده و چاپ مجدد
  • گزارشات فروش براساس ریز کالا و مشتریان به تفکیک روز، ماه، سال

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مهمترین قابلیت های نرم افزار رستوران کُلاژ

به طور کلی یک نرم افزار رستورانی خوب علاوه بر سرعت و امکانات وسیع ، باید در زمینه ی اتصال سخت افزار های کاربردی و مرتبط نیز قوی عمل کند تا کاربران در استفاده از نرم افزار رستورانی ، تجربه ی بهتری داشته باشند.همچنین پشتیبانی قوی نرم افزار ، یکی از مهمترین فاکتور های موجود هست که شرکت آدا افتخار دارد با بیش از 7 سال سابقه در حوزه ارائه راهکار های نرم افزاری در حوزه رستوران ، جزو بهترین شرکت ها در این امر می باشد ، رضایت مشتریان را در اولویت اصلی قرار می دهد.


پرسش های متداول درمورد نرم افزار رستوران کُلاژ

Is it possible to upgrade to higher packages?

Yes, in all versions of the Ada restaurant software, it is possible to convert to a higher package and change the features easily, and this will happen in the shortest possible time.

Is it possible to convert a version from Windows to a web version?

Yes, this can be done at the request of users and system information will be converted in the shortest time and will be transferred to the web version.

How many users can be installed in restaurant software versions?

Ada Software Company’s office systems are offered as single-user and multi-user, and the ability to add a user to the system can be done with coordination coordination.

Do I need to install software on client systems?

No, even long topics can be written and edited in a professional editor outside of Word

Can emails and faxes be checked in the software?

Yes, this is possible indefinitely in our systems and this will be done most quickly through SMTP and IMAP protocols.

Will there be a problem with the software when the support period expires?

No, this is not in our software and if you need to extend the support, you can contact our support experts.