About Us

In Ada software company, innovation, vitality and motivation are the first impression of a visitor who gets acquainted with Ada’s solution engineering company.The dynamism and effort to achieve the goals along with the right tools, during the life of the company, has caused the creation of fundamental infrastructures and the logical expansion of capabilities.

Collaborative decision-making and friendly work environment along with new decision-making solutions have provided the field of innovation, growth and synergy. Relying on the potential created while developing software systems, Afrain Ada Engineering Company has achieved its goal of increasing customer satisfaction, continuing innovation and expanding its share in the market.اUp-to-date management, absorption and rapid circulation of information along with intelligent data analysis facilities have turned Ada into a dynamic company.The use of these infrastructures has made it possible to recognize opportunities and discover the future needs of organizations.

Who are we?

We’re one of the leading companies in offering software solutions in Iran.Customer satisfaction, Ada solution-creating company’s axial strategy and creativity are the force behind our persistence, and a unique workplace is the support.Our solutions are a set of functional integrated information systems that are provided along with consulting, deployment, training and support services.

Our experts are ready to respond to the complex needs of the market based on their distinctive expertise and experience in providing solutions and special services to various organizations.